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Sam Mooney sam at aude-france-property.com
Fri Feb 23 08:42:49 UTC 2007


I'm sending this again because it got lost in another discussion.  I'm new
to the whole mailing list thing so please bear with me.

thanks, Sam


I want to know how to change the links on the sidebar calendar.

Right now if I click on the month I get a list of events in that month but
they are ordered by date posted not by the date of the event -
http://www.audecentric.com/?m=200702&cat=12  It also includes all entries
posted in that month no matter when they are going to occur

If I click on a date in the calendar I get a page with the events and also
the posts from that day.  http://www.audecentric.com/?m=20070219&cat=12    I
just want the events that occur on that day.

I've tried the advanced queries and they don't work, not on my real site -
audecentric nor on my testing site - www.testing-testing.info

I have figured out how to make a page that will display events in date order
so I can make the pages I want.  How do I then change the links in the nav
and calendar in the sidebar so that the link goes to the page I create?


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