[EventCalendar] dates in the past show up in sidebar calendar widget

Lisa Bufano lisa at lbufano.com
Fri Feb 23 17:34:09 UTC 2007

Hello all,

I'm new to blogging, widgeting and plug-ins, but familiar with basic web
page development.
I'm trying to use Event calendar 3.1 with the Event Calendar widget 3.1
for my news & events page:

I'm adding events that have happened in the past and would like them to
be highlighted on the sidebar calendar days. But, it seems to work only
for future events. I have altered the timecode stamp of the post to be
in the past and the event editor time and date as well. I've selected
'show all posts in the options.

I've done a basic search through discussions but didn't find direct
info. Could someone point me in the right direction.
Thanks for your help!


Lisa Bufano
Video Podcast! --> http://morphology.lisabufano.com

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