[EventCalendar] FW: link structure, order by event date rather than by date posted

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Fri Feb 23 13:48:12 UTC 2007

Hi sminc,

On 22 Feb 2007, at 06:07, sminc wrote:

> I am new to this plugin.  Is there a more appropriate means of  
> support?  I
> sent the blow email a couple days ago and never saw a response.   
> Anyone have
> any ideas?

I'm kind of busy. If you want timely support I'm available for hire.  
(Or you could buy something from my Amazon wishlist - it's linked on  
http://wpcal.firetree.net )

> Nice plugin idea.  There are some issues I would need to work out  
> before
> using it on a production site.
> I exclusively use the Semiologic Pro CMS.
> I see a way to disable the Events Calendar from including posts in the
> calendar, to only include events, and that works, so that the day  
> the event
> was posted or other posts do not show in the calendar. BUT doing so  
> trashes
> the nice way the events were linked. If the calendar includes all  
> posts as
> well as events, the link format is url.com/date/year/mo/day/ If the  
> calendar
> only has events in it, then the format of the link is
> url.com/?m=yeardaymo&cat=cat#. A very bad link structure.  I  
> refreshed the
> permalink structure and cleared cache just in case this had  
> anything to do
> with it and sadly it did not.  Any ideas on this?

Wordpress doesn't normally provide a permalink for that query (date/ 
category), so we have to spell it out as a GET.

You'll have to manually create some rewrite rules and put them into  
your .htaccess file. Your rule should translate /cat/YYYY/MM/DD (or  
whatever) into the GET query. Then you can change EC to generate your  
nice URLs. You'll need to change "function day_link()" in  

> The other much more annoying issue is the fact that if I click upon  
> a date
> in the calendar that has an event, it takes me to an archive page  
> with event
> links arranged by the date posted, not the date the event will be.   
> This is
> very aggravating.  If I have an event that is on March 12 for  
> example and is
> on the calendar for March 12, and I click on the date March 12 I go  
> to a
> page that has links listed there under February 19 because that's  
> when the
> event was posted.  That makes no sense at all to a visitor, they  
> are going
> to wonder why they could click on March 12 yet be taken to the  
> events for
> February 19, because that is what it looks like happened.

That sounds like a bug. Are you using WP2.1 with EC3.1.0? If so, then  
upgrade to EC3.1.1 and let me know how you get on.

> Finally, the box containing the schedule does not display nicely on  
> my blog,
> it is as wide as the page and the left line is missing all together.

Just add CSS to format it in any way you please. Or you can add a  
call to ec3_the_schedule() directly in your template, and generate an  
HTML you please.



> Thanks in advance for any assistance.  You have a really nice  
> plugin.  I
> hope I can make it work.
> sminc
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