[EventCalendar] show events as post

dimitri dimitri at malagay.es
Tue Feb 27 12:45:26 UTC 2007

Hello there

I'm using the event-calender plugin on my website (at the moment in 
develop fase: http://malagay.es/wordpress)
It's a great tool. It works perfect in the sidebar and so, and I made a 
special block on my home page that uses the "ec3_get_events" to show 
the upcoming cultural events.
So far, perfect.
Now I made a special category template for the events, called "Agenda 
Cultural". In that page I also used "ec3_get_events".
The thing is : it shows only the titles, and just on this page I would 
like to give some more information, like in the form of an excerpt or 
the entire event, without have to go to a single post view.

Is this possible?


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