[EventCalendar] Implementing Hide Post Timestamp

Brian Bogardus brian.the.red at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 13:06:43 UTC 2007

The solution to an issue I have, hiding the post timestamp, was just
posted a couple of days ago, but I have no idea on how to implement

> function mg_filter_the_date($the_date)
> {
> global $ec3;
> $event_cat = get_option('ec3_event_category');
> if (!empty($ec3) && (in_category($event_cat) || is_category($event_cat)))
> {
>   $the_date = ''; // An empty string!
> }
> return $the_date;
> }
> add_filter('the_date', 'mg_filter_the_date');
> add_filter('the_time', 'mg_filter_the_date');

Could someone tell me where this bit of code goes? I am keeping the
Events category separate, does it go in the archive.php? A nice
example of the edited file(s) would be gravy.


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