[EventCalendar] removing roll-over title

Phil Emery phil at focusedcreative.com
Sun Jan 14 18:02:34 UTC 2007


I went through the archives and found the hack to disable a:links for events:

>  I commented out this line
>  // a.href=days[i].getAttribute('link');
>  And added just below it this
>  a.href="javas" + "cript: void(0)";


function day_link() {
   return "javascript: void(0)";

which does the job, 'cept the title of the event still shows up on mouse-over.

To disable the "title" attribute tag would I change something in the 
popup.js file?

Another acceptable work around for me could be if the title would 
just have the title of the event without the < @all day > addition.


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