[EventCalendar] Problem with event Calendar 3.1 and apache server

Αθανάσιος Ματσούκας matsoukas at c-a-d.biz
Mon Jan 15 11:01:34 UTC 2007

It might indeed be a problem of apache and php installation allthought the installation is plain clean from scratch. I 'm not 100% sure thought that everything is set as it should concerning the server....  I'm not a server guru:) 

But the only thing I'm sure of is that when the Calendar plugin is activated in a brand new wordpress installation my apache server crashes. No matter what other plugins I activate no problem appears, when activating the Calendar the server crashes like a leave in allmost every click. I must also remark that in a 2 years period that I have this test server, I've never seen something similar to "a server error" while testing many different open source apps, and crap code with infinite loops that crash the pc consuming memmory and cpu resources but not the software. 

The error is the following:
szAppName: Apache.exe      szAppVer:      szModName: ntdll.dll
szNodVer:   5.1.2600.2180     offset: 000106c3

My intention is to help with this report and not to leave any kind of "shade" about the Calendar plugin in case my way of writing is missunderstood (my english are not so good). I report this in case someone had face the same strange action from the server, or if there is a strange one in a million bug that causes this that no one came up to since now. 

Since this is a brand new report in the history of Calendar developement it might be a 100% server error, maybe a module or something else in the server installation and not plugin error. If the above error report tells you something and there is a way of fixing the server your help is very welcome and needed

By the way I must say that you have made a great piece of software, congrats to all developers and testers and keep up the effort of bringing usefull and value software for those of us who need it.

Finnaly thanks in advance and for the immediate response!!

Athanasios Matsoukas
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