[EventCalendar] Problem with Next & Previous month links

Ray Petrie ray at heritagepark.com
Sat Jan 20 22:54:04 UTC 2007

According to

Next & Previous month links do not work when URL is not exactly the same as
specified in WP options. Example: a web-site with addresses www.example.com
and example.com will only work properly from one address. (fixed in rc4)

I'm using Wordpress 2.0.5 and eventcalendar 3.1.0  and this bug is
occurring.  When no www is in URL the next or previous add a new instance to
the calendar in sidebar.  Calendar grows from the set number of 3 to one
extra for each click of next or previous.  Also the calendar dates do not
reflect the events in the new instances.

See http://www.yanksinkilts.com and http://yanksinkilts.com   they have the
same problem at least today 1-20-07.

Any ideas?

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