[EventCalendar] Wrong event time in the event list...

Realf Ording Helgesen realf at realf.com
Mon Jan 22 09:54:55 UTC 2007

 >You need to be more specific. Where does it say 8:00? Where does it
 >say 8:08? What have you tried? Do you have any JavaScript errors?
 >What does it say in the database?

The event calendar is included in the sidebar on this page: http:// 
You can see two events, both events show 8:08, even though in the  
database it says 8:00.

I think I found the error - it prints HH:HH instead of HH:MM. When I  
changed one of the events into 9:00, the time changed into 9:09.

Could you tell me where to change the time formatting? The error  
occurs both on the event list, and when I click on the event...


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