[EventCalendar] get_events and post Content

Mark McGrath markmcgrath at gmail.com
Sun Jan 28 23:34:17 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I'm using the exact code from the example:

  4,                                      // limit
  '%DATE%: <a href="%LINK%">%TITLE%</a>', // template_event
  '',                                     // template_day
  'j',                                    // date_format
  '%MONTH%:'                              // template_month

Which works wonderfully, but I would also like to include the Content
of my event in this list as well.  The content is only about a
sentence long, so I'd like to include it on the Events page instead of
making users click on the post to go to a page with only a sentence
more of information.

I like the format of the above, I don't want to just use the Events
category page to list all my Events and content.

Any help anyone could throw my way would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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