[EventCalendar] How to remove the "Subscribe to iCalendar"

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Jan 29 16:24:41 UTC 2007

On 29 Jan 2007, at 16:16, Ding Dong wrote:

> How can i remove this? Its the button between where you change months. 
> Or
> just above the month and year. I tried looking through the code but im 
> not
> in any way a php programmer and deleting the image doesn't work 
> because it
> has alternate text. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

1. You'll find the code in eventcalendar3/template-functions.php. 
Search for the image name, and you will find the code that generates 
the link.

2. Why do you want to delete the link?


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