[EventCalendar] Still have unsolved issue with display EC-content on page

Senlin Online piet at senlinonline.com
Tue Jul 10 10:32:09 UTC 2007

Hi again,
My earlier "hurrays" were a bit premature...
I still have some unsolved issue, I understand that I have to make a
"custom-loop", but don't know how, where and I cannot find any info on it
either. (ok one post, but that one is not helpful to me...)
I would like my full headers (title with permalink, comments and edit) to
show up in the page
the same way they do if I type http://www.beijinglivemusic.com/?ec3_days=7
Or is there a way to automatically go to that 2nd page?
I have deleted runPHP and installed ExecPHP, but I don't see any differences
and I really don't get it how it works anymore...
On the page \live-music-today\ i now use the script: <?php
query_posts('category_name=whatson&showposts=7'); ?>
What do I need to add to get full headers like title with permalink,
comments and edit?
Please help! Any suggestions are very welcome!
P.S. perhaps a search function in the archive would be an idea?
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