[EventCalendar] Still have unsolved issue with display EC-content on page

Mark Naylor MarkNaylor at signet-solutions.com
Tue Jul 10 10:58:02 UTC 2007

you are very close.
It is a good idea to add a comment on the top of each element of your
theme, so you can see which page or element created it. for example, my
pages have <!-- page template --> somewhere in them, my sidebar has
<!--Sidebar --> and so on.
what you need is an if statement.
The principle of what you are asking is, if live music today page, then
show custom loop and do not show normal page template stuff.
this can all be done outside of the page text in the theme editor
without visibility of your themes text it is hard to say exactly what
you ned to do. I'll have a look if you send me a login.
PS I was the guy who wrote the post you are referring to.


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Hi again,
My earlier "hurrays" were a bit premature...
I still have some unsolved issue, I understand that I have to make a
"custom-loop", but don't know how, where and I cannot find any info on
it either. (ok one post, but that one is not helpful to me...)
I would like my full headers (title with permalink, comments and edit)
to show up in the page
the same way they do if I type
Or is there a way to automatically go to that 2nd page?
I have deleted runPHP and installed ExecPHP, but I don't see any
differences and I really don't get it how it works anymore...
On the page \live-music-today\ i now use the script: <?php
query_posts('category_name=whatson&showposts=7'); ?>
What do I need to add to get full headers like title with permalink,
comments and edit?
Please help! Any suggestions are very welcome!
P.S. perhaps a search function in the archive would be an idea?
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