[EventCalendar] Remove post date and monthly archive

Mark Naylor MarkNaylor at signet-solutions.com
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in reply to the first question...
This snippet should work. What it is saying is if in category 9, do
nothing, else show the post date.
However, it will ALWAYS work (when post in cat 9 is shown, no post dates
will beshown, so it might not be the solution you want)
<?php if (in_category('9'))" { } else { ?> 

<p class="post-date">

<?php the_time('D j M Y'); ?></p><?php> } ?>




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First, my complements to the chef...the plugin is just what I need to
help the transition from a static, content heavy site to a dynamic,
interactive, content heavy site. I've dug through the archives, and have
some clue as to what I need to do.

First, remove the post date from calendar entry posts. I'm going to be
filling in 2 months worth of local events, and I think it will be
confusing for the readers to see two dates, the post date and the
schedule date, on the entry. The code for my theme's post.php that I
need to not display if the post category equals the event category is


<p class="post-date">

<?php the_time('D j M Y'); ?></p>


I know from the post
http://wpcal-archive.firetree.net/2007-June/002006.html that
the use of an "if" statement like "if (!in_category('9'))" (nine being
my event category)

can do the trick, I'm just not PHP savvy enough to actually get it to
work. I would just wipe that line out from the template altogether, but
the main blog entries will contain announcements and news for which the
post date will be pertinent.


Issue 2 is the "keep events separate" option works to keep calendar
posts off the front page, but I'd like to keep them off the monthly
archive pages as well. I'll have 30 calendar entries vying for attention
with the news and announcements that the main posts will be used for. 


Blogsite: http://www.insidenorthside.com/insideblog/


Using ec 3.1.1._rc1, wp version 2.2.1


Please help the PHP challenged!


steve at insidenorthside.com


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