[EventCalendar] Date chooser js error - "Calendar is not defined"

Jacob Kennedy jacob.kennedy at sears.ca
Tue Jul 17 16:18:21 UTC 2007

I've checked back through the last couple of months' archives, and other 
people have asked this, but no one appears to have answered.  Does anyone 
have a solution for the js error "Calendar is not defined" on line 62 of 
edit_form.js?  I'm guessing it's an window.onload conflict but I'm not 
comfortable enough to wade through all of the plug-ins just yet.

Does anyone have a screen shot of what this popup calendar should look 

Does anyone have a chunk of code that I could use to do a search site with 
to find where the onload would be?

The plug-ins I've currently got enabled are:
Event Calendar (duh)
Recent Comments
Recent Posts

The WP version is 2.2.1 (but I just upgraded and the error was there in 

Thanks, in advance,

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