[EventCalendar] Ignore post_date when start set

Jacob Kennedy jacob.kennedy at sears.ca
Wed Jul 18 23:36:10 UTC 2007

Now I know exactly what I want... in ALL cases I'd like the post queries 
to ignore the post_date whenever the start is set.  In other words, if the 
post is an event I want to use the event dates exclusively but if the post 
is a regular post then I want to use the post's timestamp.

I'm going to give it a try by editing ec3_filter_posts_where but I'm 
pretty raw.  I think I'll be editing line 189 from:
       $where.=" AND (($where_post_date) OR ($where_start)) ";
to something like:
       $where.=" AND (($where_post_date AND ISNULL(start)) OR 
($where_start)) ";

If anyone out there has tried something similar, please let me know.  If 
it works I'll post back.

Best regards,


ps - I've had the same mental issue with this plugin from the beginning. I 
don't think anyone cares when I post about an event... just about the 
event.  The opposite is true when it's a post... we'll see.
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