[EventCalendar] Ignore post_date when start set

Dr. Peter Troxler peter.troxler at gmx.net
Thu Jul 19 06:45:26 UTC 2007


in your case it would probably be easiest to modify the plugin so it  
actually stores your start date also as the post date in your  
database ... might be most easily done with an additional plugin so  
you can still upgrade EC ;-)

/ pt

On 19-jul-2007, at 1:36, Jacob Kennedy wrote:

> Now I know exactly what I want... in ALL cases I'd like the post  
> queries to ignore the post_date whenever the start is set.  In  
> other words, if the post is an event I want to use the event dates  
> exclusively but if the post is a regular post then I want to use  
> the post's timestamp.
> I'm going to give it a try by editing ec3_filter_posts_where but  
> I'm pretty raw.  I think I'll be editing line 189 from:
>        $where.=" AND (($where_post_date) OR ($where_start)) ";
> to something like:
>        $where.=" AND (($where_post_date AND ISNULL(start)) OR  
> ($where_start)) ";
> If anyone out there has tried something similar, please let me  
> know.  If it works I'll post back.
> Best regards,
> Jake
> ps - I've had the same mental issue with this plugin from the  
> beginning.  I don't think anyone cares when I post about an  
> event... just about the event.  The opposite is true when it's a  
> post... we'll see.
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