[EventCalendar] Re: Ignore post_date when start set (corrected)

Jacob Kennedy jacob.kennedy at sears.ca
Thu Jul 19 15:40:11 UTC 2007

Thanks for the quick reply, Peter.

My first attempt at solving the problem was to edit the javascript of the 
popup calendar so that the post date was changed to be equal to the start 
date (whenever it was changed).  In theory it should have worked but in 
practice, when the post date is in the future the calendar doesn't even 
show the post.  That's why I've moved on to the SQL query editing 

Unsurprisingly my little edit, adding AND ISNULL(start), did not work but 
surprisingly it seemed to have no effect at all.

I still think my best approach would be to edit all queries such that any 
date related query will ignore the post date for all events.  Does this 
make any sense to anyone?:
" (category_id <> $event_category AND $where_post_date) OR (category_id = 
$event_category AND $where_start)" for the date only queries...

Is function ec3_filter_posts_where the proper place to be looking?

I'll explain a little more clearly what I'm doing and the results I'm 
getting.  I'm posting baseball games on my slowpitch team's website.  But 
after the game is played I edit the post and do a [hopefully] funny 
writeup about the game.  That necessitates that the events be treated as 
regular posts once the day of the game arrives but that they act as events 
until that time.  What I mean by that is that I don't want the game's post 
to appear on the calendar for the day that I entered the post because it 
will appear like we have a game that day.  I also want to retain the 
ability to make regular posts and have them show up on the calendar (thus 
negating the option to treat events as separate from posts).

Making this one [seemingly] little change would make eventcalendar3 the 
ultimate sports team calendar and scheduler (once I get it sorted out I'm 
rolling to three other local teams so I'm almost desperate to get it 
working by September).

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