[EventCalendar] All Day event not use the words "All Day"?

Paul Oyler paul.oyler at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 08:33:54 UTC 2007

I'm using the event calendar widget and everything is fine. The only
thing we'd like to do, if possible, is to have the words "all day" NOT
appear next to events that are marked as all day.

We're using this on a high school marching band's parents band
boosters site, and we have a lot of different fund-raisers through out
the year. These fund raisers have a start and finish date, but times
or "all day" designations don't apply and makes the listing look
ridiculous and unprofessional. Is it possible to edit one of the files
so as the "all day" does not appear, and if so, which file, and aprox.
which line number would we edit?

Thanks so much for any help.

Grace and Peace,
Paul Oyler

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