[EventCalendar] Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open

Dr. Peter Troxler peter.troxler at gmx.net
Thu Jul 26 15:53:40 UTC 2007

the short answer is: rtfm -- 1. post on wpcal.firetree.net

there is ongoing discussion how wp handles hosts with/without www.

depending on how you set up wp (i.e. use www or not) everything works  
or it breaks when you use (or omit) the www

there are also instructions how to change hour .htaccess file to fix  
that problem.  it is a wp problem rather than an ec problem.

On 26-jul-2007, at 17:37, Jacob Kennedy wrote:

> I've just run across something I've never seen before.  When you  
> access my site leaving out the "www" the next month and previous  
> month links work just fine.  If you access it with the "www" in the  
> URL I get a javascript error stating "uncaught exception:  
> Permission denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open"
> You can try it here and here:
> http://dourodukes.com/    -  works fine
> http://www.dourodukes.com/    - bombs
> Anyone?  Bueller?
> Best regards,
> Jacob
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