[EventCalendar] Full list of calendar events not displaying.

Julian Hockings julian at crunch42.com
Fri Jul 27 05:50:36 UTC 2007

Using 3.1.1._rc1 and WP 2.0.7, and when I click on a calendar's month  
link, on the next page, only an incomplete list of all the events  
that should be in that month are showing.  See http:// 
www.thomasvillega.com/  and click on the month link (July 2007) in  
the calendar at bottom left.  On the next page there is a list of  
events from July 1 through 21, but it should go all the way through  
the end of the month.  I've confirmed that the posts are tagged as  
events, and it doesn't make a difference if I choose "show all posts"  
or "show all events" in the admin options.  This is a link generated  
by ec3_get_calendar() so I'm assuming there's some back-end code  
that's doing this?

- julian

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