[EventCalendar] Installation Question

Jeff Kopp kopper at garagepunk.com
Sun Jul 29 02:28:16 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm trying to get the Event Calendar up and running on my
Wordpress blog and I'm getting hung up at #4 in the installation
instructions. It says "Add ec3_get_calendar() or ec3_get_events() to
your template." The problem is, how do I do that? What template are
they talking about? When I go into my theme's Theme Editor, I see the
list of files on the right, and included there are "Main Index
Template" and "Page Template"... is the "template" indicated in
instruction #4 one of these two files, or something else? I wish the
instructions were a bit more clear about this... saying just "add to
your template" is really confusing. Can anyone help me out here?


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