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Johan Michaelsen johan.orgel at post.tele.dk
Sat Jun 2 10:16:05 UTC 2007


Int the ec3-settings you probably have set the "Show schedule within  
posts:" to "show schedule".
This makes "the_schedule" a part of "the_content".
You could set  the "Show schedule within posts:" to "hide schedule"  
in the ec3-settings.
Then you would manually put "get_schedule" in the place of the loop  
where you want it.

For instance you could place the tag before the title like this:

....<?php the_title(); ?> <?php echo ec3_get_schedule('%s ',' %1$s - % 
2$s','%s'); ?>....

best regards

Den 01/06/2007 kl. 17.36 skrev Felipe Carvajal Molina:

> How can i put the schedule, the box wich contains the date and  
> time, before the title of the post? i've already delete the post  
> date and time from my theme, that was easy.
> I see inthe script this: "<?php the_content('Read the rest of this  
> entry &raquo;'); ?>" it contains the whole info of the post, the  
> schedule box and the content, how can i separate this two items?
> Thanks.
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