[EventCalendar] contribute to ec3 development

Andy Kurniawan a_cyberblue at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 2 18:16:25 UTC 2007

Hello folks, I was wondering if I could contribute to ec3 development.
First of all, I've been noticing that up to the present time ec3 does not yet have event location entry (field).  I made minor changes to ec3 code base that would add location for each event entry, that includes adding a field to ec3 schedule table during setup, additional text box in "write post" section where each event entry has its own "location".
Secondly, since the event server project I'm working on, which is obviously involving ec3 as the main component, needs iCal feed output that ec3 already has, I also made a few changes in the filter methods so that iCal feed will be query-able just like ec3 normal post queries are handled.  This way, the consumer could specify only relevant events to subscribe without having to pull the whole events stored in WP by ec3.  The XML feed consumed by Calendar widget has not yet been changed.
To me, these changes could as well be usable in broader scope not only specific to my implementation.  If the changes could be contributed to ec3 development, please let me know how to proceed.
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