[EventCalendar] EC on external page

Fabrice CHARLEUX fab at plongeur.com
Mon Jun 4 22:38:09 UTC 2007

this plugin is just fantastic and easy to use.
Really good job !

My website is made with several scripts, and the home page
is the page that collapse all the website activity.
It uses many rss feeds belonging to other scripts,
that's how I can also show easilly posts on home page,
or show everything I want with only good rss feed parameters.
The advantage is also to be cached.

What I wanted to do is to have the EventCalendar event list on my home page,
as if it was on my WP sidebar (just the events list, not the monthly
If I use the RSS feed with the event category, it shows posts
independently to the real event date.
Is there a way to produce it on an external page, or use part of the script
How does EC script work ? is it parsing the entire database collecting
events date and reorder it ?


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