[EventCalendar] Ajax troubles...

cool2sv cool2sv at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 17:22:23 UTC 2007

I found a strange behavior of ec3 on my page... Actually I think something
is wrong with ajax queries.
When clicking on ec3.go_next() and on ec3.go_prev()  links I get the
following error in ff error console: Error: uncaught exception: Permission
denied to call method XMLHttpRequest.open

Why's that strange? Cause on the forum page of the same blog everything is

The page with problems: http://primariamedias.ro
The forum page that is ok: http://primariamedias.ro/forum

Any ideas? I've investigated the source code. I use mootoools on the both
pages. But I do not use gamerz-polls js and ajax-newsletter-plugin js (
tw-sack.js) on my forum page. Can it be incompatible with any of those?
Actually I've tested it without the specified js, but nothing changes!


ID: c00l2sv
NAME: stanislav sushkov
LOCATION: romania (currently)
STATUS: married with Moni
PHONE NR.: +4075655963
E-MAIL: cool2sv at gmail.com
WEB: http://e-stas.net
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