[EventCalendar] How do I remove the post date from events?

Jon Bradley jon at ninefootone.co.uk
Wed Jun 6 08:43:42 UTC 2007

I'm setting up a blog and have installed the Event Calendar plug-in.  
I have a dates link in my menu which goes to... ?ec3_after=today

This page then lists all the upcoming events but it shows my standard  
post date style on the left which is obviously different to the event  
date (http://www.swag-uk.net/wordpress.php?ec3_after=today)

Is there a way to remove this date from any date category post?

I've searched for a while and can't find a way to get round this.


w. http://www.ninefootone.co.uk
e. jon at ninefootone.co.uk
t. 0114 232 2302
m. 07870 687 844

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