[EventCalendar] How do I remove the post date from events?

Johan Michaelsen johan.orgel at post.tele.dk
Wed Jun 6 09:25:53 UTC 2007


I guess that the date in the top left corner is created with  
"the_date" - the creation date of the post?

You could avoid this in a IF tag like:

if !is_category("whatever cat is your date-cat") { here's where the  
"the_date" tag is put in }
else { --- do nothing--- }

But of course you then will be breaking some of the fundamentals of  
you nice layout....

best regards

Den 06/06/2007 kl. 10.43 skrev Jon Bradley:

> I'm setting up a blog and have installed the Event Calendar plug- 
> in. I have a dates link in my menu which goes to... ?ec3_after=today
> This page then lists all the upcoming events but it shows my  
> standard post date style on the left which is obviously different  
> to the event date (http://www.swag-uk.net/wordpress.php? 
> ec3_after=today)
> Is there a way to remove this date from any date category post?
> I've searched for a while and can't find a way to get round this.
> Jon
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