[EventCalendar] icons in calendar

Fabrice CHARLEUX fab at plongeur.com
Fri Jun 8 04:00:53 UTC 2007

if you want it, you will have to had an event type field in
EC database, include it in post edit interface... and check
what type of event is on the printed day...
That sounds good, but what will you show if you have
many different event type for one day ?
And for those who have many events, the calendat will
be quite unreadable.
no ?

2007/6/7, *Candy* <delise6 at yahoo.com>:
> hi i was wondering if its at all possible to be able to put icons in the
> calendar. kinda like Starlet from swaymyway.com does?
> i know her calendar is not php and its purely tables, but i was wondering
> anyway coz it would be pretty cool.
> thx
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