[EventCalendar] sorting prior events most recent first?

TomRSmith TomRSmith at parkschool.org
Fri Jun 8 10:48:25 UTC 2007

Thank you for the reply, Chris.
Do use use "Keep events separate"? That is what I am doing because I don't
want them to appear in the order they are posted... but in the order of
the event. When "Keep events separate" is used, the order for me is always
chronological when displaying events prior to "today".

>When I go to
>	http://mysite/news/?ec3_before=today
>the posts are listed in reverse chronological order. The events are  
>whatever is set for those posts.
>In the sidebar (upcoming events list) you can achieve a reverse order  
>by changing the ORDER BY on the
>select statement to "ORDER BY start DESC".
>It appears that the addition of another, optional, parameter on the  
>function ec3_get_events that controls the order of the events might  
>do the trick.
>Chris Janton  - face at CentosPrime dot COM
>Netminder for Opus1.COM

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