[EventCalendar] wpcal indefinite load on firefox

Frank Michlick i at m.fm
Thu Jun 14 03:01:47 UTC 2007


First of all thank you for the amazing. I've used it at 
http://DNcalendar.com/ in order to create an event calendar for the 
domain name industry. Still planning to perfect the site, but I did 
notice a problem today:

In IE the calendar in the sidebar seems to work fine. However when I use 
it in Firefox and click on the "Jul"-Link in the calendar, it just keeps 
on loading and loading.

I just remembered that before this stopped working I had installed the 
Sidebar Widgets and turned on the event calendar widget. However 
disabling those did not fix the problem either.

Any idea what could be causing this/and or how to fix it?

Frank Michlick

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