[EventCalendar] Removing "All Day" from Sidebar list

MetalSucks.net news at metalsucks.net
Thu Jun 14 17:02:21 UTC 2007

Hello all,

A rather simple request that I'm sure is a matter of deleting/replacing a
line or two of code somewhere:

I currently have an event calendar employed in my sidebar. For "All Day"
events, I would like like the sidebar list to NOT say "All Day" -- rather
I'd just like the event to be listed alone without a time, just a date.
Really, I won't ever have a need for any time at all to be shown. Can
someone please tell me how I could do this?



Ben Umanov
17 W. 20th St. Suite 5E
New York, NY 10011
646-704-4474 (cell)

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