[EventCalendar] French and English

Erwan Autret anglaisautret at free.fr
Mon Jun 18 16:59:24 UTC 2007


a bit of a stupid question ? I'm a newbie at this so !

1) My weblog is located in French as for administration. But as I'm  
an English teacher, most of the site is in English. But when I  
installed Event Calendar, it comes out in French. How can I turn back  
to English, so that the months in the blog appear in English ?

2) When I write an article to become a future event, it won't appear  
in the sidebar list which says "no new events". However I settled an  
"events" category in EC options, but I can't tick that category when  
I write an article.

3) One last thing, the French translation has some mistakes, I could  
correct that if you want me to, and explain me how of course.

Cheers, Erwan.

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