[EventCalendar] French and English

Erwan Autret anglaisautret at free.fr
Tue Jun 19 10:36:25 UTC 2007

I did what you said as for erasing ec3 file. Upcoming events widget  
switched to English, but not the calendar itself. Weird enough.

And I still can't tick events category when I write an article, so  
nothing appears in upcoming events, very weird... or am I stupid ?


Le 18 juin 07 à 20:45, cool2sv a écrit :

> Hi
> 1) delete the mo file from the event calendar folder. This should  
> switch the ec3 back to english.
> 2)You should first of all add the event dates, that will  
> automatically add your post to event category. The rest is a bit  
> unclear... What actually do you want from that sidebar to be shown?
> 3)You should get the original po file and correct those mistakes  
> you suppose are mistakes. An easier way is to get in touch with the  
> author of previous translation and ask him to update the file with  
> your corrections.
> Good luck!
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