[EventCalendar] Permalinks question

Dr. Peter Troxler peter.troxler at gmx.net
Wed Jun 27 07:16:59 UTC 2007

I seem to remeber having read somewhere that WP uses the category  
with the lowest number in permalinks for posts with  multiple  
categories ... change the events category to the highest number  
available when designing the blog.  if you're already in full swing  
this will need some serious tinkering with the database changing all  
event posts to the "new" events category
On 26-jun-2007, at 21:20, Sebastien wrote:

> When using pretty permalinks, all posts placed in EC calendar are  
> displayed within the "events" category in the address bar..
> i.e.  www.website.com/events/event-post-permalink
> for some posts this is ok, but for the majority, the permalink  
> should display the main category it is affiliated to
> i.e. www.website.com/performance/event-post-permalink ...   instead  
> of the EC category which in my case is /events/.
> is this something I can do with EC  or do I have to tackle it in  
> wordpress or even change the .htaccess file (please no)
> any help would be greatly appreciated!
> thanks
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