[EventCalendar] Resend: Date chooser (Ajax/Java) Calendar not working

Kevin L. Collins kcollins at klcollins.org
Thu Jun 28 16:03:30 UTC 2007

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Hi All.  Great Plugin!

I'm using EventCalendar 3.1.1.rc1, Wordpress 2.1.3, and K2 ver 0.9.6. on
Ubuntu's LAMP stack.  I have three modules activated - EventCalendar,
EventCalendar Widget and Angusman's Authenticated Wordpress Plugin.

Event Calendar is working - except for two things:

1). When I'm creating an event and I click on the [...] button for the
dates/time beginning or end, where I think a JavaScript Calendar is
supposed to popup, I don't get it.  I can manually edit the dates, and
things work, but that's an inconvenience for the other users of the blog.

2). If I try to use the advanced queries (like ?ec3_days=7), I get a
giant "Not Found" error.  This isn't as important as No. 1 above, but I
would like to see a monthly full-page Calendar in the future.  From what
I've read having this work is important.

I'd let you see it in action, but I've got the log protected so that
only users can access it.

Any further info needed - just let me know.

Thanks in advance,
Kevin L. Collins
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