FW: [EventCalendar] WP 2.5.1 Big Calendar part VI: root of problem found?

Mary Canady mcanady at comprendiagroup.com
Fri Aug 1 14:49:10 UTC 2008



Hope someone answers soon, my knowledge of Roman Numerals is sketchy. Again,
I'm using WP 2.5.1 and the big caIendar patch along with the WP 2.5 patch,
and the files can be found here.




The problem is that the day links from the small calendar don't work-they
either give a 404 error, or list the event posted on that day, but not the
one that occurred that day. I think I figured out the root of my problem. My
events are not seen as being in the event category, sometimes. When I look
at an individual post, it appears to be in the events category, and also on
the "manage posts" page. But, when I try to look at all posts in the
category "Events", or do a query in the front end or back end (I was trying
to put the same footer text on all events) it doesn't come up with any
posts. The queries to get the big calendars work, I use "
ec3_get_calendar("testing",1,'18')" to get all events in a specific
category. For now, I took the small calendar off of the site, as the big
calendar appears to be working. Hopefully, if anyone out there is debugging,
the above paragraph will lead them in the right direction. Use
comprendiagroup.com if you want to look at my site. If you are developer,
and will work on this for a fee, tell me what your hourly rate is and how
long it would take you, and my company will pay you if the price is right.




Mary Canady 


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