[EventCalendar] EventCalendar] WP 2.5.1 Big Calendar WORKING!!!!!!

Mary Canady mcanady at comprendiagroup.com
Fri Aug 1 16:26:09 UTC 2008

MAGIC, It's WORKING!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU Derek!!!!!!! I thought I had all the
patches, but was wrong. I feel like this is Christmas, and there IS a santa
claus! (yes, I need to get a life)


There is only one very teensy, miniscule, minute problem. The "single
category" big calendar captions link to all posts, not just those for that




I'm not complaining, honest, I'm so happy!!!


http://comprendiagroup.com <http://comprendiagroup.com/> 


(for posterity, see Derek's earlier link for a link to the files to get Big
Calendar fully working with WP2.5)


p.s. Thanks also to Pete Ellison who was working on this as well!


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