[EventCalendar] When I click ‘next’ it just takes me to the next month’s archive.

Dario J. Novoa V. darionovoa at ideartte.com
Sat Aug 30 20:36:01 UTC 2008

Fix it, I have a INDEX. HTML that loads as the presentation of the site 
since HTML is read by the server before PHP (index.php) from wordpress, 
so that was causing the error. I updated the ec3.js file dile 204 
"        ec3.home+'*/index.php/*?ec3_xml='+year_num+'_'+month_num,true)" 
notice the index.php that I added.

Sorry I posted it as an issue I should have check that before posting it 
as a problem.

Thanks to Rick Boatright for answering, if I wasn't for you dude I 
wouldn't start suspecting it was the url that caused the issue.

Rick Boatright wrote:
> it is possible that you need the files patched for wordpress 2.5 or 
> later.  There is a known problem with rc3 with wordpress 2.5 or 
> later.  :-( 
> These are in the SVN at source forge, or a user has made the two 
> critical patched files available in a zip.
> http://nymisoa.com/testing/eventcalendar3_patch_for_2_5.zip
> Or, if you prefer, you can download it from sourceforge.  (but it's a 
> .tar.gz, so you may have to extract twice if you're on a windows 
> machine. )
> http://wpcal.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/wpcal/trunk/eventcalendar3.tar.gz?view=tar
> either way, it fixes a bunch of problem with wordpress 2.5 and 2.6 
> As has been detailed in previous postings, the author Alex Tingle 
> hasn't been seen here since October 2007, and hasn't been seen at his 
> personal blog since May.  Darell has the ability to check files into 
> the SVN, but not to post new VERSIONS, so it's the zip or the SVN for 
> now. 
> Rick
> On Sat, Aug 30, 2008 at 2:18 AM, Dario J. Novoa V. 
> <darionovoa at ideartte.com <mailto:darionovoa at ideartte.com>> wrote:
>     I already read the FAQ, and changed the onli windows.onload to the
>     method desbribed in the page, I de-activated all the plugins and
>     still get the same error here it is:
>     Error: req.responseXML is null
>     Source File:
>     http://arteula.com/wp-content/plugins/eventcalendar3/ec3.js
>     Line: 366
>     I tried 3.1.1_rc3 and 3.1.0 no go with either any help?
>     http://www.arteula.com
>     Thanks in advanced.
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