[EventCalendar] Problem with Calender & Upcoming Events

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Dec 1 22:52:01 UTC 2008

Hi Danny,

Danny Newby wrote:
> Hi all, I'm helping a friend redesign his website and I'm having a
> massive problem with the way the links are formatted in the Calender
> section.
> The problem is, links are displayed like "/2008/12/07/" in the
> calender, but in the Upcoming Events it links to the permalink i.e.
> "/reiki-i/" Which is where I want the links in the calender to point
> to.
> Does anyone know which PHP file I need to edit so I can change the
> links so they both point to the same page?

The plug-in is behaving as designed. Individual events (in your upcoming list)
are linked directly to the post's permalink. Calendar days are linked to the
archive page for that day.

It looks a bit strange to you because you don't have any days with more than
one event. Imagine that you *did* have a day with two or three events - where
should the calendar's day-link go then?

It can't just go to the day's first event, because then there would be no way
to list subsequent events. Instead, it goes to the archive page, where all the
day's events *are* listed.

Now, you might suggest that it should be "smart" and only go to the archive
page on days with more than one event... but then it's behaving
inconsistently! You would be happy (perhaps), but we'd get lots of other
people here complaining that sometimes the links go to one place, and sometime
another, and they're unhappy!

It's a difficult choice. There's no really perfect solution, but I chose to go
with consistency - so the day-links always go to the archive page.

If you can think of a better solution, then please do suggest it.

(I've added this to the FAQ, since it comes up quite often.)


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