[EventCalendar] Problem with Calender & Upcoming Events

Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 23:58:43 UTC 2008

Yeah, but the NAV links on the calendar are mis-behaving Alex.
Try going to Jan from Dec...

It's not _RIGHT_  and I think it's cforms, although I could be wrong.

On Mon, Dec 1, 2008 at 4:52 PM, Alex Tingle <alex at firetree.net> wrote:

> Hi Danny,
> Danny Newby wrote:
> > Hi all, I'm helping a friend redesign his website and I'm having a
> > massive problem with the way the links are formatted in the Calender
> > section.
> > The problem is, links are displayed like "/2008/12/07/" in the
> > calender, but in the Upcoming Events it links to the permalink i.e.
> > "/reiki-i/" Which is where I want the links in the calender to point
> > to.
> > Does anyone know which PHP file I need to edit so I can change the
> > links so they both point to the same page?
> The plug-in is behaving as designed. Individual events (in your upcoming
> list)
> are linked directly to the post's permalink. Calendar days are linked to
> the
> archive page for that day.
> It looks a bit strange to you because you don't have any days with more
> than
> one event. Imagine that you *did* have a day with two or three events -
> where
> should the calendar's day-link go then?
> It can't just go to the day's first event, because then there would be no
> way
> to list subsequent events. Instead, it goes to the archive page, where all
> the
> day's events *are* listed.
> Now, you might suggest that it should be "smart" and only go to the archive
> page on days with more than one event... but then it's behaving
> inconsistently! You would be happy (perhaps), but we'd get lots of other
> people here complaining that sometimes the links go to one place, and
> sometime
> another, and they're unhappy!
> It's a difficult choice. There's no really perfect solution, but I chose to
> go
> with consistency - so the day-links always go to the archive page.
> If you can think of a better solution, then please do suggest it.
> (I've added this to the FAQ, since it comes up quite often.)
> -Alex
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