[EventCalendar] Upcoming Events sidebar in IE - bleeding off page!

Rick Boatright rboatright at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 22:29:19 UTC 2008

Actually,  it's broken ONLY in IE6.  7 and 8 are fine.
As to why...  IE6 has broken css interpretation.  Specifically, it's got a
non-standard way of dealing with the box model and the -12 in the following
css is pusing the december out.

edit that line and you should be good to go.  It won't look the SAME in 6 as
in 7 or 8 or Firefox or Chrome or Safari... but it will WORK.

Or, you could research the ways to do version-specific css... (ick ick ick

.ec3_list (line 121){

margin-left: -12px;

word-spacing: -1px;

letter-spacing: -0.2px;

color: #880000;


On Sun, Dec 7, 2008 at 11:45 AM, Alex Tingle <alex at firetree.net> wrote:

> Hi Benjamin,
> On 7 Dec 2008, at 17:00, benjamin k roe wrote:
>  Hello folks – apologies if this thread has appeared before, but I haven't
>> seen anything on this forum with quite the same problem:   I've just
>> recently added the Event Calendar and "upcoming events" widget to the
>> sidebar of our Historic Harpers Ferry site
>> (http://www.historicharpersferry.com) and it works splendidly
> Nope. Your calendar is broken. It's being done by the "pb-embedflash"
> plug-in which had dropped this into your page...
>  window.onload = function() {var options ={...
> You need to turn off the pb-embedflash plug-in, or fix it so that it's not
> grabbing exclusive use of the window.onload event. One solution is described
> here:
>  http://blog.firetree.net/2005/07/17/javascript-onload/
> You should contact the plug-in's author and report the problem.
>  — EXCEPT that
>> the first letter in "December" bleeds off the left-hand margin.   This
>> problem seems to be confined to IE — it works fine in Safari and Firefox –
>> but despite a morning of tweaking columns and sidebars and font sizes
>> nothing seems to work.  Any suggestions?  I'm running WP 2.6.3.   Thanks!
> Sorry, I can't help you with that one - I don't have IE. Hopefully someone
> else here will be able to help with the presentation issue.
> -Alex
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