[EventCalendar] updating ec3 and working with Wordpress 2.7

Chris chris.hearn01 at ntlworld.com
Sun Dec 14 14:17:54 UTC 2008

I manage a club sailing website - I am planning to re-do the website and 
my custom plugins to make compatible with WP 2.7.
A couple of years ago I customised ec3.1rc4 to do this with Wordpress 
2.2 by hacking the code).

For 2009 I want to upload the sailing events for the year, and I want 
them to show up in the calendar, even tho they are in the future.
Also, when clicking the month header to get a month listing, the events 
should be listed in chronological order (1st month to 30th).

So my questions are - I see there is a shiny new version of ec3 - is it 
production stable?
And can I achieve this "out of the box" without hacking the code? A few 
clues would be useful too!

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