[EventCalendar] updating ec3 and working with Wordpress 2.7

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Sun Dec 14 19:48:29 UTC 2008

Hi Chris,

On 14 Dec 2008, at 14:17, Chris wrote:

> Hi,
> I manage a club sailing website - I am planning to re-do the website  
> and my custom plugins to make compatible with WP 2.7.
> A couple of years ago I customised ec3.1rc4 to do this with  
> Wordpress 2.2 by hacking the code).
> For 2009 I want to upload the sailing events for the year, and I  
> want them to show up in the calendar, even tho they are in the future.
> Also, when clicking the month header to get a month listing, the  
> events should be listed in chronological order (1st month to 30th).
> So my questions are - I see there is a shiny new version of ec3 - is  
> it production stable?
> And can I achieve this "out of the box" without hacking the code? A  
> few clues would be useful too!

The latest stable release is 3.1.4. Aside from some tweaks and bug  
fixes it's functionaly very similar to previous 3.1.x version.

As far as I can tell, it will do what you ask. However, that goes for  
the previous versions too. So, can you briefly describe what 'hacks'  
you had to make to get the older version to work for you.

It may be that you had some trouble with event ordering on archive  
pages. If so, you might want to try the 3.2 version (latest dev  
version) - it boasts significantly improved post ordering.


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