[EventCalendar] Sorting and Sub Categories

Tony Moller tony at aroooo.com
Thu Dec 18 19:51:53 UTC 2008


I looked through some of the list archives, but could not find what I  
am looking for. I have a WordPress 2.6.5 install with EC 3.1.4. I have  
a calendar category with subcategories (the main calendar category is  
available courses, and the subcategories break down the courses by  
subject). On the left sidebar I have the subcategories listed via this  
this tag:

<?php wp_list_cats('child_of=3'); ?>

When I click on one of the links, WP displays the events in default  
order, not by event date order - which is how I would like it to  
display. So, long question short, how do I get WP & EC to display the  
info as I would like it? The site is still under development, so if I  
have t rework categories or something that should be okay. (The event  
category archive does show the events in correct date order.)

[tony at aroooo.com] [www.aroooo.com] [703-347-3645]

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