[EventCalendar] Customising ec3_get_events display

Alex Tingle alex at firetree.net
Mon Dec 22 09:40:07 UTC 2008


You are asking two questions:

On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 7:18 PM, James Kirsop <james.kirsop at gmail.com>  
>> I'm just curious to know if there's a simple way of customising the  
>> output of ec3_get_events() to make it look more pretty, with more  
>> information.

Rick pointed out the new 3.2 template functions...

On 22 Dec 2008, at 04:11, James Kirsop wrote:
> These new functions (especially those to get the start date/time)  
> are going to be great! I did see those when I took a look at the new  
> functions this morning, and they're certainly something I've been  
> wanting for a while (I had written my own previously).

So, hopefully you're on the right track with that one. Let us know how  
you get on. Remember that 3.2 *is* the development version, so you can  
help us out by reporting any problems you may encounter.

Second question:

>> Or, is there a way of ordering posts output by the general  
>> Wordpress loop in an order dictated by their event dates set in  
>> ec3?. Running the usual/standard wordpress loop doesn't help much,  
>> as they just appear in the date order that they were posted in --  
>> which is not what I'm looking for. Ideally, I'd like to have  
>> pagination working, which isn't covered by ec3_get_events() but is  
>> covered by the WP loop.

May I refer you to the documentation.

"Keep Events Separate" mode sorts the event category page in the way  
you want:

If you need finer control, then have a look at the advanced queries:

Serious question: Did you read the documentation and not see how those  
features might help you, or did you not find the documentation? Either  
way, it's not helped you as it should have.



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