[EventCalendar] disappearing calendar dates...

Mark mark at oceanguardian.net
Wed Dec 24 00:28:57 UTC 2008

- about disappearing calendar dates...

I'm using EC3.3.2 with Wordpress 2.7

EC3 Setup:
THe Event dates are configured to show in the widget for the small 
calendar and the widget listing of events.

- The little calendar widget only shows the event dates as links when I 
go to the archives page where an event post is individally read. Then 
all the dates on the widget calendar shows

So, to repeat if I go to the archives for an event category the calendar 
widget does not show dates as links. If I click on an event entry from 
the archives listing then when viewing the single event post as archive 
- then the EC calendar widget shows the date links....

Any ideas?


Alex Tingle wrote:
> On 22 Dec 2008, at 15:13, Mark wrote:
>> Hi Thanks for the good feedback - I will look into reporting the WP 
>> bug on permalinks.
> Great.
>> My overnight Google Calendar test has shown that IMPORTING the URL 
>> (creating a new Google Calendar essentially) did synch sometime last 
>> night. BUT importing the iCal file itself did not synch at all.
> Good! That's what I'd expect.
> The iCalendar file just contains a snapshot of the events. If that's all 
> you give to your client, then it has no way of knowing how to go and get 
> updated information.
> Only the URL allows for synching. Since that worked for you, everything 
> seems to be OK.
> -Alex
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