[EventCalendar] Alignment and width og widget

Jan Skinnerup jan at jantm.net
Sat Dec 27 01:38:08 UTC 2008



I am running the Event Calendar 3.1.4 og my Wordpress 2.6 weblog over
here: http://www.amanogawa.dk


I don't seem to be able to alter the width of the widget... or just have
it centered. Or even remove the blue border for that matter?

I have tried to fiddle with the CSS file that comes with the plugin, but
it doesn't seem to care about that at all. I have event tried to delete
the CSS file all together... to no avail.


So how do I go about changing these basic layout settings? As you can
see on the webpage it looks somewhat off as it is now :-(


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions,




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