[EventCalendar] little calendar, big calendar?

CVC webmaster cvc at cvcbike.org
Sun Dec 28 21:52:38 UTC 2008

On 12/28/08 1:25 PM, Rick Boatright wrote:
> Huh, it doesn't on my blogs.
> Please take a look at www.oaregion4.org <http://www.oaregion4.org>  
> there are a LOT of posts on October 4. and 5 (check the archives)
> if you go to the event calendar page, and navigate to October, you will
> not see ANYTHING on Oct 4 and 5 on the big calendar.

Right. There are no events for 10/4-5/2008 on either your small or large
calendars, and multiple posts on those days.

That SHOULD be what's happening on my site: There will be two classes of
posts: Bicycle rides (all marked with the Calendar category) and all
other posts (which use other categories but not Calendar).

What I'm looking to do is display *only* the Calendar category events in
both the big or small calendars. Other posts should not go on either
calendar. Unclear how to do this.

> Do you have "Keep Events Seperate" set in the EC3 options page
> REALLY????  no offense but dozens of times, I've forgotten to hit
> save....   otherwise, I'm confused unless Alex or someone chimes in

No offense taken! I am the king of misconfiguration. However, in this
case, I did verify that "Keep Events Separate" is enabled.

> Do you have a URL we could look at??????

There's a dummy site here:


user admin, pass website09

Note that in the large calendar displays both rides and non-ride posts:


This is with the 3.2.dev-02 prerelease version. Also (and probably
unrelated to the ride/not ride issue) this version displays a "January
2009" title for the calendar even though it's really a December 2008
calendar. The system clock is correct. Is this another misconfig, or
something funny in the code?


David Newman
CVC webmaster

> Rick
> On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 2:21 PM, CVC webmaster <cvc at cvcbike.org
> <mailto:cvc at cvcbike.org>> wrote:
>     On 12/26/08 2:35 PM, Rick Boatright wrote:
>     > Yes.   All versions of EC3 come with a sidebar widget that displays a
>     > sidebar calendar that does what you want.
>     >
>     > Then,  3.1.2.BigCal   or, 3.2Dev both will display a bigcal on a
>     page if
>     > you just put the text
>     >
>     > [EC3BigCalendar] on the page.  That text will be replaced with a big
>     > calendar.
>     >
>     > Use the "over versions" link at wordpress.org
>     <http://wordpress.org> <http://wordpress.org> to
>     > get either of those versions.
>     >
>     > (I suggest 3.2Dev, it's what's coming, and I think it's ready for
>     prime
>     > time.)
>     Thanks to all that responded. 3.2 Dev does indeed display a large
>     calendar.
>     However, even with "keep events separate" enabled, the big calendar
>     displays *all* posts, not just those in the calendar category.
>     I only want to see the calendar entry, not other posts, in the large
>     calendar. Doable, and if so how?
>     thanks again!
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