[EventCalendar] possible bug in 3.2 dev

David Garlitz dgarlitz at wesleyan.edu
Mon Dec 29 02:35:23 UTC 2008

Sorry if this has been brought up before and I missed the thread, but  
I seem to have discovered a bug in the 3.2dev version :

here's the URL : http://test.davidgarlitz.com/calendar

When the page loads, both big and small calendars show the days of  
the current month, but with the title of the next month (i.e. the 31  
days, including the correct events, of december, but with the heading  

Not only that, but the navigation seems to be a bit off as well - the  
names of the months are correct as is the current month is december,  
but they link to months as if the current month is january.

Once I click a navigation link, though, everything outputs normally -  
this problem only occurs when the page loads and the calendar(s) are  
displayed for the first time.

Any ideas?


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